A Strange Tale

Lyrics and music: Ewert Ljusberg.

          Hm        Em
And then, maybe one day
       A          D
an old woman will say
     Hm           Em
to a child on her knee:
            A                 D
"Those were strange times you see.
      Hm         Em
The entire world shook
         A          D
for some words in a book
            Hm                Em
that caused something called 'war'.
           A               D
Those were strange times before.

They were ignorant fools
so they had to have rules.
Rules by which common sense
was shut out by a fence.
Most of these rules, my dear
were all made out of fear.
And that fear caused the war.
Those were strange times before

Oh yes, they had hearts.
But the spiritual parts
got mixed up with the mind
’til their spirits went blind.
With no spirits to guide
they put wisdom aside.
Slyness conquered its place.
Those were very strange days.

And, imagine: They thought
the whole world could be bought.
Everything we now share,
even water and air,
was then owned by a few.
It sounds strange, but it’s true.
And that greed was the cause
for the madness and wars.”

The old woman will sigh
with a tear in her eye.
And the child will prevail
on to finish the tale
saying: ”Grandma, it´s true,
No one lies quite like you
tell me more please, but look
by the way: What’s a ‘book’?”

Can be found on: Songs for Beauties and Beasts (2008).