Bored of the War

Lyrics and music: Ewert Ljusberg.

I'm bored of the war
I'm bored of the war
   Bb                     D#
So bored I don't read the papers no more.
In peace and at ease among flowers and trees
          Bb                         D#
I sing my song for the birds and the bees.

//: They say times are hard ://
I say don’t blame time when it’s people who are.
If that ain’t enough
They say life is tough.
I say life could be easy but people are rough.

Im bored of the war…

//: It’s guilt, shame and blame ://
all throughout history it’s been the same.
For greed, faith and fame
They play the war game
And slaughter and maim
In love and Gods name.

I’m bored of the war…

//: Fear is the source ://
call it a peace-force. It’s still made for wars.
The way I see it
I hope you agree
War for peace is like raping for virginity.

Im bored of the war…

//: I’m bored of the war ://
so bored I don’t read any papers no more
‘Til they bring me some news that I ain’t heard before.

Can be found on: Songs for Beauties and Beasts (2008).