Neither Beer Nor Booze

Lyrics: Ewert Ljusberg.
Original lyrics: Victor Jara (”Ni chicha ni limona’”).
Music: Victor Jara.

Come and gather around this Place
          F              C
Where the sun is shining bright.
    F             C
You political Acrobats
      G            C
Be it left wing or right.
    F                   C
Get down from your high horses
     G                  C
Soon they will make you fall
      F               C
To be at the heart of things
         G              C
Won’t be hurting you at all.
       F              C
You’re nothing! Of no use!
        F                C
You are neither beer nor booze.
       F             C
You’re cuddling your self-importance
’Caramba y zamba’
to be amused.

The party has just begun
It is rapidly in advance.
You used to be reluctant
Now you’re pleading to lead the dance.
You think you are so smart.
Be aware when it really rocks:
There wasn’t a bloodhound born yet
Who couldn’t track down a fox.

You’re nothing!…

So, you really want a party
There is work first to be done.
We’ll get friendship and food and shelter
For each and everyone
If it isn’t to your liking
You’d better get off the track.
The train is really speeding
And there ain’t no turning back.

You’re nothing!…

Dont be silly! Get along!
Solve your problems here and now.
I ain’t hiding any dagger
’neath my poncho anyhow.
Stop your whining and your crying.
It won’t help you. It’s too late.
With your mouth and with your guns
We’ll be forced to expropriate.

You’re nothing!…

Can be found on: Songs for Beauties and Beasts (2008).